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E-Screed. The new "battery" driven float screed!

E-Screed. The new "battery" driven float screed!

The new innovating "battery" float screed is released by Magic Screed.





The E-screed gives no fumes or need to fill gasoline. Possible to use the float screed in closed areas. Runs for approx. 3 hours or 800 to 1000 sq meters. Charges in 2,5-3 hours.

With the growing concern for the environment and green projects, Magic Screed once again never stops to evolve and adapt to all types of jobs. This is why we  presents the E screed; the eco-Electric version of the screed for indoor or green projects. The E-Screed will give full vibration for the time of the charged battery and then a light will indicate that the battery needs to be charged!

The LifePo4 battery on your E-SCREED offers the best in class technology, safety, power and convenience. Testing and quality control ensure the battery will perform and power with every on of its 1500+ lifecycles.