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Allen 436

Allen 436

Engineered for the concrete professional, our Allen® Walkers are designed to produce high tolerance concrete floors (as measured by F-Numbers) with high-quality features that are hard to find on other trowels. Allen Walkers feature precision engineered Allen Gearboxes for long, trouble-free life. We use cast iron spiders, pressure plates and lift levers for long wear and continuous service. We precision machine our trowel arms and spiders to such close tolerances that our trowels don’t need bushings. And, our high strength steel handle provides maximum comfort and control. Our commitment to product quality, attention to detail and 100% product testing ensures that your Allen Walker will provide years of high performance and trouble-free operation on the job.


Engine Honda™ GX270 9 hp
Dimensions  (L x H)  178 x 97 cm
Rotor Diameter 914 mm 4 blades
Maximum Rotor Speed 118 RPM
Weight 90 kg
Trowel Arms & Spider Standard



Adjustable handles and blade pitch control options

Our padded handles are adjustable for ergonomically optimum operation with your choice of pitch control.


Fine Pitch:


Traditional twist action blade pitch control that provides infinite settings from flat to 28 degrees.


Positive Pitch:


Positive Pitch: Lever action blade pitch control that provides easy adjustment with the push or pull of one lever.