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Permaban BetaEdge AR

Permaban BetaEdge AR

BetaEdge AR is the easy, cost-effective way to repair damaged construction joints in concrete floors.  It also offers durable joint arris protection, saving building owners the worry, cost and disruption of further repairs.
The damaged concrete around the construction joint is simply cut out; then BetaEdge AR is held in place with brackets, while the area is filled with repair mortar.  Once the mortar has cured, the brackets are removed and the area ground for a neat finish.



∙ Strong steel construction ensures the joint arris receives firm support and durable long-term protection.

∙ Made from tough galvanised steel for internal and external use.

∙ Unique grid-cut face (patent applied for) securely anchors the joint into the concrete.

∙ Can be cut at any point without compromising strength – use any length as required.

∙ Can be used with any repair mortar.

∙ The sharp edge on the inside top face of each hole helps ensure a neat finish when trowelling-in.

∙ Supplied with a fixing kit, including brackets.

∙ Can be installed to accommodate expansion.



∙ Suitable for internal and external concrete joint arris repairs.

∙ Ideal for free movement areas.

∙ Suitable for use with most vehicle types.