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Lindec® LC900

Lindec® LC900

Standard choice  

Lindec® LC900 rider has a powerful 26 Hp Honda petrol engine which drives twin 4-blade rotors to a top of 170 rpm’s. 

Lindec® LC900 ride on power trowel have been engineered for the professional flooring contractors for best possible performance. A new era in the concrete industry and one of the most durable, efficient and high performance 36" riding trowels in the market. 

The machine is CE certified and follows all safety requirements of machine directives according to 2006/42/EG and AFS 2008:3. 


Basic data


Engine Honda GX690, 26 Hp
Dimensions  (L x W x H)  201 x 103 x 142 cm
Panning width 2 x 94 cm
Rotors (Diameter) 91 cm, 4-bladed spider
Maximum rotor speed 170 rpm
Weight 340 kg
Fuel capacity 23 liter
Water capacity 23 liter


Standard features

  • 26 Hp Honda engine (GX690)
  • Torque Converter clutch
  • Specially produced spider arms containing seals to avoid concrete and concrete water getting into the spider cross, avoiding unnecessary maintenance.
  • Prop shafts for best durability and easier steering
  • Flip up seat frame for easy access to engine and drive shafts
  • Four adjustable LED lights with possibility to extra 
  • High speed (170 rpm) for superior finishing
  • Electric main power switch
  • Two adjustable hand trowel holders
  • Water proof electric connectors 
  • Counters of engine speed and hours
  • Spray system
  • Two center lifting points, including lifting bridles
  • Document box (service manual)
  • Cup holder
  • Engine oil guard
  • Adjustable seat
  • 12 V charger
  • CE approved



  • Edging kit (art. no: LC900340)
  • Dolly wheels set (art. no: LCDW)
  • Machine cover (art. no: 11074)
  • Additional LED lights (art. no: LC900250)
  • Trowel pan (art. no: 11619)
  • Composite pan (art. no: 11664)
  • Trowel blades (art. no: 11512)
  • Plastic blades (art. no: 11575)
  • Combination blades (art. no: 11562)
  • Seat armrest (art. no: LC900842)
  • LC seat belt (art. no: LC900876)
  • Engine catalyst GX690 (art. no: 11085)