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Line Dragon concrete placer

Line Dragon concrete placer

Are your employees tired of dragging concrete delivery lines (hoses) during the pours? Help is here in the form of a pair of new machines from Line Dragon, USA.

Powered by 13 horsepower gasoline engines, the Line Dragon machines are easily operated by remote control over rebar reinforcement, radiant heat lines, floor decking or other prepared surfaces, forwards, backwards, left, right or oblique. The placing boom swings 360 degrees making all areas accessible to the Placer.

The Line Dragon machines, weighing about 410 kg and 450 kg, are driven on wide rubber filled tires, which minimize the evenly spread weight per cm2.
The ‘placer’ is attached to the end of the delivery line (hose) and places concrete where you need it, while the ‘dragger’ is placed 6-12 meters before the “placer”, keeping the excess line out of the pouring area.

Both machines are radio-controlled with fully hydrostatic controls for easy operation at a safe distance making your employees more efficient with huge savings.


* Placer   600 kg
* Dragger  545 kg
Overall width 130 cm
Overall length   176 cm
Engine  Honda GX390, 13 hp
Gasoline tank  6,1 Lit
Gasoline consumption approx 2,0-2,5 l/h