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Linofog® Mix

Linofog® Mix

Linofog® Mix provides the industry with secure and durable joint filler. Its characteristics are an excellent pressure strenght and elasticity. 

Linofog® Mix is polyurethane-based and best applied with a mix cartridge pistol. Linofog® Mix works in cold temterature, all the way down to -50 °C; however, it must not come in contact with water, moisture or low temperatures during application. Linofog® Mix has a very good chemical resistant, which are listed below. 

A high-quality and professional floor laying is not always sufficient to obtain the best possible result. In order to avoid cracks in concrete floors it has become common practice to saw notches in 6 x 6 m or 8 x 8 m squares, depending on pillars etc. After 3-6 months at the earliest, the joints are vacuum-cleaned, primed, filled and then smoothed with a grinding machine. 

Linofog® Mix is also suitable for repairing cracks and small repairs.


Acid: 10 % sulphuric acid
50 % phosphoric acid
50 % chromic acid
Animal: fat
Alkali: 1 % caustic soda
1 % ammonia
Vegetable: fat
Salt: NaCl
10 % NaHCO9
Oil: crude oil
light oil
lamp oil
machine oil (mineral)



See separate laying instruction.