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Lithurin® Seal

Lithurin® Seal

Lithurin® Seal is an impregnator that seals the concrete surface. Lithurin® Seal is water-based and does not change the concrete’s colour. Lithurin® Seal penetrates and seals the surface evenly in the concrete, which produces less friction. The surface becomes a part of the structure with no cracking, flaking or scaling. The application provides long-term protection. Lithurin® is approved for use on concrete floors within the food industry and is partially water-repellent, anti-slip and makes cleaning easier.

Area of application
1 x Lithurin® Seal as dust binder. Lower friction and higher abrasion resistance.
1 x Lithurin® Seal as hardener and sealer (moister curer/dust binder). Lower friction and higher abrasion resistance.
1 x Lithurin® Seal in combination with Lithurin® Hard increases abrasion resistance by up to 20 times.

Environmental benefits Lithurin® Seal 
• Max VOC less than 1 g/l
• Water-based
• Odourless
• Eliminates dust from the concrete, which produces better air quality

Benefits Lithurin® Seal  
• Maximum seal.
• Restricts penetration of liquid.
• No flush cleaning.
• Durable – a one-off application provides long-term protection.
• Fast drying time – dry after 60 minutes, at a temp. of +15-18 °C.
• Can be used on new or existing concrete. Water-repellent effect.

Equipment needed 
• Soft brush or mop.  
• Low-pressure sprayer, mechanical sprayer or watering can with spray-nozzle.


Requirements for treatment with Lithurin® Seal 
• Min. temp of +5 °C on the surface of the concrete (equivalent to an air temp. of +10 °C)
• The surface must be free of contaminants
• In treatment of old floors, the surface must be grinded clean before application
• Lithurin® Hard/Dens must dry before Lithurin® Seal is applied