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Catalyst GX630/660/690 Honda (20, 24 & 26 hp)

Catalyst GX630/660/690 Honda (20, 24 & 26 hp)

Some years ago we started looking at how to create better working conditions indoors, when using smaller combustion engines on concrete equipment. This would in most cases create bad and unhealthy air for all people inside the facility. The exhaust fumes from the engines mounted on most indoor machines are for a short while tolerable however for longer hours as in concrete floor making it could create an unhealthy and in many times a dangerous situation.

On the Data sheet you can see the emission values we documented on our latest test with the engines Honda GX 620 and GX 670 placed on an Allen 900 and an Allen 900 Edger.
On the GX 620 (20 HP) equipped with the catalyst the emissions of Carbon Monoxide was lowered with 85% compared to the GX 670 (24 HP) equipped with a regular exhaust muffler. (See separate data sheet)

We now have the possibility to offer a very optimal and highly effective program of catalysts for most engines mounted on the machinery we sell.

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