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TELE 2 Arena Stockholm

TELE 2 Arena Stockholm

The company Svea Concrete & Reinforcement Ltd, began placing concrete surfaces in the garage of the new Tele2 Arena in Stockholm in autumn 2010. When completed, it will be able to take 2900 cars inside the garage. This job requires careful planning and a professional knowledge of concrete. Since most of the entrepreneurs are working in confined space it makes it harder to get the ground prepared for casting. In addition to this, almost all surfaces in the garage are so called slope surfaces, as all the water that comes in with the cars, etc. must have gravity down to the wells, often in several directions. All together the garage surfaces itself and other surfaces, is about 60 000 square meters.
To cope with the challenge Svea invested heavily in machinery and new methods to facilitate and speed up the casting process. Not only do they often pump concrete over 150 meters and place with a concrete hose of 4" (100 mm) but handling concrete usually is a heavy burden on the body in itself.
Through collaboration with Lin-Pro® Sweden AB in Gothenburg Svea early invested in the so-called walk behind and Ride trowels from Allen Engineering® U.S. to get a flat and hard trowelled surface and to lower the wear and tear on the body. They also took an early step in investing in machinery that distributes the concrete and transports the heavy 4 "concrete hose, so called Line Dragons®, as well as a laser guided concrete screed machine which Lin-pro® Sweden AB also was entrusted to deliver.
PEAB have during the process been very positive about the working environment SVEA has created. Lin-Pro® Sweden AB has together with SVEA during the course of the project also worked on a project of machines powered with latest battery technology and specially developed catalysts to reduce / eliminate exhaust in their everyday working environment.
SVEA has ongoing throughout the project grown in its task and workforce. Today, they are a solid work team with quality and precise work as the benchmark for everything they do.
Recently, when the large field surfaces up on the stadium floor would be casted, Svea prepared with yet another purchase of new machinery. This time Svea felt it was time for the heavy artillery of Ride on-trowels which was needed and purchased an Allen Engineering HDX 600 (panning area of ​​about 2.5 m with a 44 HP Kubota diesel, hydrostatic drive and driven) and a 750 HDX (panning area of ​​about 3.5 m with 100 hp Kubota diesel, hydrostatic drive and driven) to treat these surfaces.
AB Lindec® has also gotten the order to supply Lithurin I and Lithurin IIS to approximate 25 000 square meters for a start to treat the open surfaces.
SVEA Concrete & Reinforcing Ltd. have concrete works on the arena until the spring/summer 2013 for PEAB and the arena but are already calculating on new major projects for next year.
We thank SVEA Concrete & Reinforcement for their strong confidence  and look forward to continued strong cooperation and further expansion of the company in the concrete construction industry.