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Lithurin® Hard

Lithurin® Hard

Lithurin® Hard is a deeply penetrating fluid hardener that reacts and strengthens the structure of concrete surfaces. Lithurin® Hard is an impregnator and does not form a surface film.
Lithurin® Hard is water-based and does not change the concrete’s colour. The concrete becomes more resistant to abrasion and surface load. A one-off application provides long-term protection. Lithurin® Hard is approved for use on concrete floors in the food industry.

Area of application
1 x Lithurin® Hard as a concrete hardener before Lithurin® Seal, to increase abrasion resistance/durability.
2 x Lithurin® Hard as a hardener for concrete surfaces outdoors.
1 x Lithurin® Hard as a hardener in diamond grinding. Applied after coarse grinding, and produces a harder concrete surface. With a harder surface the surface gloss appears earlier compared with an untreated surface (cost-effective).

Environmental benefits Lithurin® Hard
• Max. VOC less than 10 g/l
• Water-based
• Odourless
• Eliminates dust from concrete, which produces better air quality

Benefits Lithurin® Hard
• Maximum abrasive resistance
• No flush cleaning
• Durable – a one-off application provides long-term protection against abrasion
• Fast drying time – dry after 30 minutes, at a temp. of +15-18 °C
• Can be used on new or existing concrete, indoors and outdoors

Equipment needed
• Soft brush or mop
• Watering can


Requirements for treatment with Lithurin® Hard

• The concrete must be at least 7 days old at a temp. of +14-18 °C and a minimum of 14 days at a temp. of +10-13 °C before application
• Min. temp. of +5 °C on the surface of the concrete (equivalent to an air temp. of +10 °C)
• The surface must be free of contaminants
• When treating old floors the surface must be grinded clean before application
• Lithurin® Hard must dry before Lithurin® Dens/Seal is applied