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Herkulit® 0-4 mm

Herkulit® 0-4 mm


Herkulit® 0-4 can be used as so called “wet in wet” system or as hard aggregate when mixing with cement on the construction site. Herkulit® 0-4 is made of best quality quarts, washed and dried to remove residues and to avoid moist when mixed together with cement (CEM1). If requested, Herkulit® 0-4 can also be provided with additional strong aggregates.

To achieve a satisfactory result when laying Herkulit® 0-4 mm in so called “wet in wet” system, it is important that the base concrete is correctly mixed and laid. The surface and structure of the base concrete is of crucial importance for the bonding of the top layer. Normally a C25/30 concrete is required if the loads accept it!



In order to ensure that Herkulit® 0-4 mm can function optimally, the base concrete must fulfil the following requirements:  


The surface of the concrete base

The concrete base, generally vacuum-treated or water reduced by using naphthalene based plasticizer, should be even and of good quality.  If “slump” is less or maximum 15, a C 28/30 concrete sub base is recommended. If “slump” is 15 or more, a C 30/37 concrete sub base is recommended.



The base concrete should be laid sufficiently evenly so that the thickness of the Herkulit® 0-4 mm can be kept within the given margins (8-10 mm).


Laying instruction ”wet in wet” system

1. Apply the concrete base as evenly as possible. Advantageous with water reducer Naphthalene based plasticizer included or using vacuum system. 
2. When the concrete base is walkable, powertrowel the surface with a trowel pan in both directions. 
3. Mix the Herkulit® 0-4, Portland cement CEM 1, Naphthalene based plasticizer , and water in a big mixer in the following proportions; 50 kg Herkulit® 0-4mm, 25 kg Portland cement with the WCR 0,36-0,38 and 0,7-1% Naphthalene based plasticizer. Mix until you have a plastic consistence (similar to mortar). 
4. Apply the mixture in 10 mm thickness, with a screed/vibrating beam. 
5. Powertrowel the surface with trowel pans in both directions at least 5-6 times. 
6. Then powertrowel the surface with only finishing blades in both directions at least 3-4 times. 
7. Apply Lindolit® or Lithurin® moisture curing directly after completed trowelling. 
8. On the following morning, while using Lindolit® W (water based) diluted 1:3, apply a lot of water and cover the whole surface with plastic film and let it stay there for at least 7-14 days.


Consumption wet in wet system per 10 mm and m2

15 kg Herkulit® 0-4, 7,5 kg Portland cement CEM 1 and 0,3 kg colour pigment (if desired).
water (WCR 0,36-0,38), ≈ 0,07 kg Naphthalene based plasticizer.


Consumption used as topping per m2 : (mixed on construction site)
2,75 kg Herkulit® 0-4 mm.
1,25 kg Portland cement CEM 1.